In a world filled with bad news, tragedy, and unkindness, we want to promote the GOOD AND KIND things people do for others.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Week 13--Kindness Challenge--Aug. 29th

Find the gift of laughter today--a good clean story,  joke, movie, email thought, etc., have a good laugh and then pass it on to someone else.

If only we knew how much the power of laughter truly does heal us in so many ways.  One of the things I liked about Disney/Pixars movie, Monsters, Inc., was how they showed that when they focused on making people laugh instead of making them cry and sad and afraid that the power boost they got blew their numbers off the chart.  Maybe there is something we can take from this movie to apply to our own lives.  Are we focused on making others sad and miserable by how we talk to them or do we lift them up and make them feel true joy?

If you want a recommendation for a great book that will make you laugh and help you feel good inside I  would recommend "The Ultimate Gift" by Jim Stovall.

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