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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Making a Difference 1 Act of Kindness at a Time

I have been a little depressed the past couple of weeks so I was really happy to find this "good news" story in the paper this morning.  It really touched my heart and reminded me that this is what the Christmas Spirit is all about "Loving, Caring, and Helping our fellow man or woman in any way that we can".

For nine years, West Valley police officer Kevin Peck has protected and served the citizens of his city by trying to keep the streets safe from the criminal element.  But on Monday, as Peck responded to an accident scene, it wasn't with his gun or handcuffs that he served the community. Rather it was with a simple gesture of holding a hand, and providing thoughtful words and a listening ear.
Peck was just around the corner when a Utah Transit Authority bus struck 24-year-old Aryann Smith in a crosswalk, pinning her underneath the large vehicle and severely crushing both of her legs. He was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene.

As Peck assessed the situation, he quickly found out the woman had suffered severe injuries. The tall officer crawled underneath the bus himself to take the woman's pulse. But after he grabbed her hand, he didn't let go until fire crews were eventually able to lift the bus off of her and pull her out.

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