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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Love Story

This was kind of a fun, feel good story that I found in the newspaper this morning.  It's nice to have good news to read about instead of all the sad and depressing news which there is plenty of!

For a bride on her wedding day the morning is usually reserved for personal wedding preparations, getting hair beautifully coiffed and perfect makeup in place in anticipation of that trip to the altar.

But for Shannon Beasley, 35, Saturday morning began well before 6 a.m. as she joined her fiance, Colby Louis Beal, 25, for stretching and warm-up in anticipation of the open water swim, bike leg and finishing run. Makeup was replaced by beads of sweat as the pair took part in the 4th annual Daybreak Triathlon.

"It's crazy, it is definitely crazy, it may have been a bad idea," said Beasley a few days before the triathlon and wedding ceremony.

Together with close friends and family from the wedding party, the couple embarked on a 750 meter sprint swim, the 23.5K bike race and the 5K finish to the triathlon, all before the planned ceremony in the American Fork Amphitheater Saturday.

To read the rest of the story click HERE

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