In a world filled with bad news, tragedy, and unkindness, we want to promote the GOOD AND KIND things people do for others.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kindness Challenge #3

Since I still have access to the internet where we are at, I thought I would blog a little reminder of Kindness Challenge #3 to say Thank you to everyone who serves you this week.  You could leave a little note in the mailbox for the mailman, say a sincere thank you to store clerks, etc. 

We've had lots of opportunities for this on our vacation because we've got mixed up on map routes and have stopped to get directions.  The people have been very friendly, informative and sympathic as they point us in the right direction.  We still have a ways to go so I'm sure we'll have more opportunities to Thank People for their service and help this week.

I can't begin to describe how much it brightens a clerks day to have someone say "Thank You".  I use to work as a cashier for Hardees.  Some of those days were really long and discouraging.  It was amazing how someones simple "Thank You" to me totally changed my day around.

Remember the magic word THANK YOU this week!  :)

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